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Skeng x Yeng - Heaven Passport (Song Lyrics)

Swing Him Hand (Yeah)
Swing Him Foot (Bad)
Swing Him Head
And Lef Him Body Inna Bush

Heaven Passport (Song Lyrics) - Skeng x Yeng

Swing Him Hand (Yeah)
Swing Him Foot (Bad)
Swing Him Head
And Lef Him Body Inna Bush
Aye Bwoy
Yuh mussi feel a joke
Mi finga dem nuh stush
(Hear mi nuh) 7 point, 9 4
Right as yuh luk boom boom
Tek a luk watch yah nuh
Guh Read a book (Aii)
Lowe di badness to di
Genna dem a foot, our gun dem

Bigga dan an how wi luk
Cyaah cum a Spain Town wid
Nothing funny dat yuh duh (Wahm to dah fool yah)

Yow a dead bwoi dem from
Dem mek eh wrong move little Fool
And Anything a tall mi ready fah
A Damage Too (Aye Bwoy)
When yuh si mi a nothing
Normal yuh get a Heaven Passport
Yuh know now
Sun Shine, Rain Fall Yow Mi

Deven care who wah luk

[Verse 2: Yeng]
Nuh mek wi call dung di Baphomet name
Burry bwoy inna house clothes
Shallow Grave, p**syhole run up

If yuh feel unuh brave
Have couple dawg weh bleach inna tree fi days,
These clip load, nuh mek wit un it pan yuh
7 Point 6, 2 Just Land, eh barely use
Round A Cemetery Have, sum bwoy way nuh mek eh news

Search fi dem and last dem a hell imam di muse
Squeeze di trigga pan eh bomba
Mighty God a point eh nagga
Wid eh 40 God Almighty
Clip full a red tip
Tell dem, A hallow point dis
Teeth sharp, full up a dirt like gingivitis
Plus yuh si dawg way carry dis
Wen people fi dead alone yuh si mi Rise it
Buss dem head, and hail di neighbor
Wi dweet politely
Glock 32 full a shot suh tell a
Bwoy wid teeth fi try mi
Killa dem evil, grimey

(Repeat chorus)

[Verse 3: Skeng & Yeng]
Yuh know dat
Yow a quick speeding
Ina Rental, Body
Pass Swing Cross
Way when mi send fah
Yow mi deven 2 tek talk
From a elda, push mi nozzle inna face dawg
Rearrange Dat
Yow Maden affi send cross couple dead bag
Get mi gun from di Asian round a wah part

Think up a camp Mad Dawg
See Dem grab bag
Yow a who a boost dem up
Drive out inna di shoota Bus
Wid couple killa scruple up
Shoot ans Ask a who fah son
Gun Man mi delt wid badness
Different dawg mi nah nuh pitty fi dem
Mi choose mi fren dem different
Shoot afta mi enemy dem

(Repeat chorus)